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Rapidly growing company with multiple locations and hundreds of buyers was searching for one source to order all company apparel, uniforms, shoes, merchandise, printed materials, promotional items, etc…


Black Rock Branding had a client solution discovery and created & built a custom tailored online ecommerce solution to manage the purchasing with a manager approval system that eliminated rouge spending all within the company budget.

Corporate E-Store


Generic School Welcome Kits


BRB design team created a fresh new design for new student welcome box with a cool designed box with awesome new and custom promotions and apparel to generate school spirit! This created so much excitement and social media post and shares.

School Welcome Kit Graphic Improvement


Minimal sales on retail T-shirt sales on in store and online sales of t-shirt sales.


BRB identified that shirts that were offered were not selling because they were heavy cotton t-shirts. Our graphic design team created new designs and screen printed on new trendy fashion t-shirts which sold so many more for continuous repeat sales. Sales increased from approximately 1,000 shirts a year to over 15,000 shirts a year!

Low Retail Sales RE: T-Shirts - Retail Stores & Online


School PTO Fundraising profits diminished because of unsold t-shirts and merchandise.


BRB created a hands off, online popup fundraiser website to capture orders and fundraising dollars going back to school. BRB designed new t-shirt graphics and also offered car decals and drinkware to offer back to school students and parents while providing fulfillment, which eliminated the PTO having to buy bulk merchandise and trying to sell onsite. ZERO DEAD STOCK!!! We cut a big check to the PTO and they didn’t have to do anything!

Elementary School Fundraiser Merch Store

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